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The number one question -"What will this cost?".  All orders are custom and pricing will vary depending on what you are looking for. The prices listed below are starting points for different sized cakes and cupcakes. I am happy to provide you a quote if you you'd like to chat about your dessert vision or send an inspiration photo! 



6" - $60+ (serves 10-12)

8" - $75+ (serves 20-24)

9" - $85+ (serves 24-32)

10" - $100+ (serves 28-38)

Tiered Cakes available. Inquire about pricing. 

All cakes are 3 layers with your choice of frosting and/or filling. When picking a size think about your guests and event type.  Are guests likely to have a couple bites or come back for seconds? Wedding cakes are traditionally cut into smaller pieces allowing for more servings – it’s better to have guests come back than waste cake! A wedding cake will yield closer to the high end of the serving range



Cupcakes are sold by the dozen with a minimum of one dozen per flavor

$35/dozen basic flavors  (Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, Almond, Funfetti)

$42+/dozen specialty flavors and custom themes

$48+/dozen alcohol infused flavors


Cupcakes come in white cupcake liners unless otherwise agreed upon. Specialty liners may be available at an additional cost or can be provided by the customer.  


Macaron orders require a minimum of two dozen per flavor with a two dozen minimum and start at $25/dozen.  Specialty packaging available for wedding, party or giveaway favors!

If you are looking for smaller quantities or a variety of flavors keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram for our special holiday menus as well as flash sales that offer mix and match flavors and smaller order sizes!

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More Treats!

Treats and desserts tailored to your needs. Individually packaged? Check! Themed? Check! Special requests? Check!

  • DIY Cookie Kits

  • DIY Cupcake Kits

  • Cocoa Bombs

  • Cookies

  • Treat Boxes

Inquire for pricing

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